The Power of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness

Singh Sahib Kulbir Singh Puri


We are in charge, but we do not know it. When I look around and see all of the challenges that we face in our world and our lives as individuals and as a human collective, I see that people have put up their own blocks and walls of separation to working in harmony for success. It is actually a self-sabotage and we do it quite naturally and most of the time unconsciously. When things do not go our way we cope in the best way we can, and usually that means there is residual anger that we carry, either consciously or unconsciously; or in the alternative we carry guilt.



As human beings we have a unique opportunity to heal ourselves and heal each other of this pain, through the simple act of forgiveness. Forgiveness is the most cleansing and purifying act we can do to instantly wipe our slates clean and liberate ourselves from suffering. The antithesis is holding on to our anger, pain, and guilt and remaining in misery. In our divine nature we are already forgiven, yet the entire humanity suffers because we choose to hold onto our suffering instead.

Forgiveness is a power. It is a power that works beyond time and space. In other words if you want to be forgiven by someone who refuses to talk to you, you can ask in your heart and in your prayer and receive that forgiveness. When you sincerely project your prayer the universe has to respond and the person can be relieved of their anger and hurt and you can let your guilt go.



In the same way if you are holding onto anger you can offer your forgiveness to another and that person can be absolved of their guilt and you will be relieved of the anger that holds you back.

These two emotions have become embedded in the psyche of so many and we do not realize how damaging their effects are in our lives as individuals and as a human family. When these emotions fester in us they cause sickness and disease that we may try to treat with drugs and other therapy, but often to no avail. We have to first heal our mind and heart. This simple act of forgiveness is the key.

Many times we pray to God for forgiveness. Yet the karma was created with another human being. God created this universe with laws of cause and effect in place, and we create our own karma by our actions. We also have the ability to clear our karma through forgiveness, by forgiving ourselves and each other. It is a human to human and soul to soul act. That is our power to choose and if we do not then we carry the karma.


Summary of the Four Unique Qualities of Forgiveness

  • The act of forgiveness is so powerful, that it transcends time and space. You may forgive or be forgiven by a person thousands of miles away, or the individual may have already have died. The act of forgiveness is truly unlimited and transcends all boundaries.
  • When you extend your forgiveness to another, you are absolved of your anger and healed from the pain; and the one who harmed you is cleared of their karma and released from their guilt.
  • When you ask for forgiveness from another, you receive forgiveness simply by asking, even if that person did not initiate forgiveness. Your karma is cleared, you are released from guilt, and you absolve anger and heal pain of the person you harmed.
  • Only humans can forgive each other. In this earthly realm the Lord created the law of karma, which will prevail, until we invoke our human power to forgive ourselves and forgive each other by remembering that we are divine. When we unite with our sacred divine essence, forgiveness is automatic. Instead of asking God for forgiveness, we need to only remember God is within and to act Godly in forgiveness.

There is a very simple meditation on forgiveness that some people say was taught by Jesus when he walked on this earth. My father, Yogi Bhajan, taught it on Christmas Day during a Winter Solstice gathering in Florida in 1975. It only takes a few minutes to practice and you just need to have moment in a quite space to go through it. The ideal way to benefit from this meditation is to practice it every day for 40 days. This gives you the time needed by the subconscious mind to drop a habit. Any anger or guilt that you have, for which you wish to offer forgiveness or receive forgiveness is done when you claim it through this meditation. That is the power of the Forgiveness Meditation.

Enjoy the meditation and take care.




Forgiveness Meditation


Sit with spine straight in a chair or cross legged. Rest hands on the knees. Repeat in silence

“I forgive everyone for everything they have ever done to harm me.”

Practice for 3 minutes

To end, inhale and hold breath for a few seconds, exhale and relax.


By extending your forgiveness to another, you are released from pain, anger and resentment, and you absolve another from the guilt they carry.


Remain in the same posture. Mentally repeat

“I ask for and receive forgiveness for everything I have ever done to harm others.”

Practice for 3 minutes.

To end, inhale and hold the breath for a few seconds, exhale and relax.


By asking for and receiving forgiveness, you are cleared of guilt and shame, and you clear the anger that is carried by another.


Lie on your back. Mentally repeat.

“I forgive myself. I dwell in light. I dwell in love, I dwell in God.”

Practice for 5 minutes

To end, inhale, hold the breath for a few seconds then exhale and relax.


Forgiveness is so powerful, it transcends time and space. We can forgive those on the other side of the planet and they are cleared. We can ask for forgiveness of someone who is near or far or even no longer living and we are absolved of guilt. It does not matter if we believe it. Forgiveness will come if we just keep repeating the words. Then you are healed of the heavy load of pain you have carried. Holding onto our pain keeps the laws of karma in place. As we forgive others and receive forgiveness from others, and forgive ourselves, we clear our karma and liberate ourselves from the bonds of misery and sorrow. We open our hearts to the light and love and prosperity of the universe that await us. This was the lesson of forgiveness that Christ taught, which humanity forgot.

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