Bloom Sprouted Hemp Butters - Peanut Flavor Tastes like peanut butter but made from sprouted hemp seeds.  Great for sandwiches, spreads on bagels, crackers, toast and even right out of the jar!  Peanut and nut allergen-free.

Bloom Sprouted Hemp Butters are a nutritiously superior alternative to traditional nut butters. Bloom Hemp butters are formulated utilizing a unique grinding process that merges high quality ingredients into a delicious tasting, nutritiously dense, protein packed butter high in omega-3's. Enjoy the unrivaled taste of hemp butter without the risk of nut-allergens.  Sprouted Hemp Seeds grown directly from the Bloom Farm.

Ingredients: Sprouted Ground Hemp Seeds, Palm Kernel Oil, Quinoa Flour Sunflower Lecithin, Allulose, Peanut Flavored Extract, Sesame Oil, Sea Salt. Note: The peanut flavored extract does NOT contain any peanut ingredients but is made of natural flavors to provide the peanut taste.

(Note on this batch there is a misprint on the current label which shows beet color as one of the ingredients. This is ingredient is not in this product).


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