Suggested Use: One drop in water and drink prior to high risk exposure or immediate onset of symptoms or as directed by your healthcare provider.  May take for 3-5 days or as directed by your healthcare provider.  For serious conditions, take 2-3 drops daily in water for 7-10 days.*

Note: As part of a prevention protocol, use when entering environments where exposure to illnesses are high risk, as well as use on immediate onset of symptoms for best results.  For full benefits of protection and prevention we recommend: Vitamin D3 or Vitamin D3 liquid drops, Sanejvani Glucan 300, and Bosmeric-SR.*

Noble's Coated Nano Silver is one of the most potent colloidal silver products on the market today which is patented and tested.  Just ONE DROP is all you need to keep you running strong and avoiding most of today's common illnesses that will ruin your week.*

Most "colloid silvers" on the market are actually ionic silvers when examined (see study below).  In addition, they are only 10-12 PPM per dose and studies show that those forms might bioaccumulate (store) in the body which can cause problems over time.

Coated Silver provides the following benefits*:

  • high 20,000 PPM of Nano particle coated colloidal silver per drop!  This is a tiny amount but highly concentrated and effective 5ml bottle will last longer than you would expect giving you 83 servings.  Enough for the whole family to outlast any rough cold and flu season.
  • does not bioaccumulate (store) in the body and is excreted*
  • can be mixed into any beverage (water, juice, tea, etc), unlike other silvers which then bind to the mineral content and is not as effective.
  • can be used in a air nebulizer for upper airway and bronchial support.* Just dilute one drop in 12 ounces of sterilized water and place this dilution into the air nebulizer and use 3-4 times as day or as directed by your healthcare provider.
  • can be used diluted (as above) into aromatherapy diffuser along with essential oils when needed for additional support.*
  • does not negatively affect your probiotics unlike antibiotics*
  • only colloidal silver that is patented and tested (see below data)

Noble Coated Silver has explored the many uses and applications that most would never have thought of.  The uses for this nano particle coated silver range from use as an broad spectrum antimicrobial/antiviral taken orally, used topically and even applied to various surfaces in order to stop the spread of germs and bacteria.*  

Please view the linked PDFs below to see the research that went into this product, how it compares to other colloidal silver products and potential applications for use.

Comparative Analysis of Commercial Colloidal Silvers Products 
Coated Silver (COA) Certificate of Analyses with some comparison against the other "colloidal" silvers on the market
Coated Silver - Journal of Nanobiotechnology Research Article (testing on Arenavirus)
Coated Silver - Nanoscale Research Letters (testing on Monkeypox virus)
Coated Silver - Presentation on study conducted by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency via Air Force Research Laboratories demonstrated that Coated Silver has anti-viral efficacy eliminating life-threatening viruses such as Ebola and Marburg


†*All these statements and information on the product descriptions and this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.