Noble's Coated Nano Silver is one of the most potent colloidal silver products on the market today.  Just ONE DROP is all you need to keep you running strong and avoiding most of todays nasty bugs that will ruin your week.

At 20,000PPM of Nano particle coated colloidal silver, this small, but highly concentrated and effective 5ml bottle will last longer than you would expect and gives you over 80 servings.  Enough for the whole family to outlast any rough cold and flu season.

 Noble has explored the many uses and applications that most would never have thought of.  The uses for this nano particle coated silver range from general daily use as an antimicrobial taken orally, used topically and even applied to various surfaces in order to stop the spread of germs and bacteria.  Please keep a watchful eye on this page as we will be posting those uses in a PDF document, which will hopefully open your eyes to ways you can live a healthier life and stay protected from the microscopic world.

Please view the linked PDFs below to see the research that went into this product.


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