Suggested Use: Insert nozzle next to inner nasal membrane and gently squirt. Immediately sniff contents deeply to distribute throughout the sinuses. Repeat with each nostril. For best results sniff deeply. Repeat as needed. Temporary burning, stinging, sneezing, or increased nasal discharge may occur. Non-addictive.

Health practitioners agree: a saline-based nasal wash is the best approach for cleansing the nasal passages. SinuOrega combines a unique blend of the powerful essential oils of sage, bay leaf, clove bud, and oregano in a sea-salt/saline base. SinuOrega is the only completely natural nasal spray with the power of Oreganol P73. Use this to cleanse the nasal and sinus passages. Safe for everyday use. 

☻ naturally diluted for the ideal solution, acting directly on the mucous membranes, the site of the problem 

☻ best results when applied in the supine position (on the back), allowing gravity to do the work 

☻ may be used daily or every other day until condition resolves

☻ use along with Oreganol P73, as drops under the tongue spring water, sea salt, wild oil of oregano, wild bay leaf oil, wild sage oil, clove bud oil Ingredient

Ingredients: Springwater, wild oil of oregano, sea salt, clove bud, oil of sage and oil of bay leaf



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