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  • PROMOTES GUT HEALTH - Butyrate is a short chain fatty acid produced in the colon. It supports the formation of friendly bacteria that helps promote digestive health. Healthy individuals may find it useful to enhance their probiotic or GI health regimen with butyrate.*
  • SUPPORTS DETOXIFICATION PATHWAYS - Butyrate helps cleanse the liver, the gall bladder, and the biliary tree. It also supports the removal of renegade fats, the long ones that accumulate as we get older.*
  • EASY ON STOMACH - Calcium and magnesium act as buffers to butyrate's acidity. Buffers render the pH higher than 7.0, so there is no concern about enamel erosion or gastric upset.*
  • NO FILLERS - Because we do not add fillers, there is no way to achieve powerful butyrate supplementation without butyrate's distinctive, fermented scent. This means it's premium quality and ready to go to work. Free of wheat, gluten, yeast, corn, soy, dairy, artificial colors, and resins.*
  • COMPLIMENT YOUR DIET - Butyrate is especially useful for healthy individuals with diets low in fiber, fatty dairy products, or short chain fatty acids. Suggested use is 1-2 capsules with each meal as directed by your healthcare practitioner.*

What exactly is Butyrate? 

Butyrate is a short chain fatty acid (SCFA) that has been combined with calcium & magnesium. It is made in the lower colon by bacteria and taken up by the colonocytes, the cells that line the colon. It then becomes an important food for those cells. Lacking good bacteria in our colon, such as when we take antibiotics, can lead to an insufficient supply of butyrate.

What is Butyrate used for?
Butyrate scrubs & cleans the liver, the gall bladder and the biliary tree. It also cleans the bowel, controls ammonia, removes ‘renegade’ fats (the very long ones that accumulate with age) and lowers the expression of inflammatory immune markers called cytokines.

What is the recommended dosage of Calcium Magnesium Butyrate?
Approximately 1-2 caps with each meal, unless otherwise suggested by a HCP.

How long will 1 bottle of Cal-Mag Butyrate last?
It depends on how many you take daily - they are sold in 100 or 250 count bottles.

Can Cal-Mag Butyrate be taken on an empty stomach?
We have never heard of any problems taking Butyrate on an empty stomach.

What are the ingredients in Calcium Magnesium Butyrate?
Butyric Acid, Calcium Hydroxide, Magnesium Hydroxide, and Diglycerides

Are there any side effects from taking Cal-Mag Butyrate? 
None to our knowledge.