Suggested Use: Spray or wipe affected areas or add to water to use as a soak/clean veggies.  Small amount can be used along with toothpaste for oral care to keep teeth white and support periodontal and gingivitis of the gums. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue use if redness, pain, or irritation occurs. Do not use internally or in eyes.

Essential Oxygen's Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Solution 3% is a highly effective solution for household disinfection, laundry clothing brightener, fruit and vegetable wash, sparkly oral rinse and first aid 'must-have-on-hand'. *,It is primarily used as an antiseptic, anti-bacterial mouthwash that promotes healthier gums, calms tooth sensitivity, treats canker sores, breaks up tartar, conquers bad breath and stops stankin' morning mouth.* Many of our customers also utilize Essential Oxygen Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Solution - 3% for gently whitening teeth, and its powerful 1st aid effects on Gingivitis, bacterial gum pockets and receding gums.*


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